Well darn it, what kind of choice is that?

Me? I’m gonna GORE!

Grey was showing me how I could take my current lil series about DireShark and make it less gorey …”Just close this here and don’t do that there, and don’t show this… then you can post it all on EI!

No, I said firmly. I want to just leave it so that when I am done, it is so messy…it has to go to my Cybrotica site!

Series bother me. I have spent all day working on what, 27 images in a single vein? While they’ll make great story – you will laugh at this guy’s expressions and faces – it’s still BORING as hell! The sex parts haven’t even really started!

And now this one figure is giving me difficulties, so that will have to wait, too. LE SIGH!

But in the end, you’ll have a lil bestiality, a lil gore and blood…well okay, if I do it well, a LOT of gore and blood *shudders thinking of it*

Hurray Shark Week! Megalodon LIVES!