Every year, I do anti valentine’s day. And maybe later tonight I’ll put some together in a post for ya, so you can send them to your frenemies!

However, today I have TREATS! Serious ones!

Now, most of you know Darthhell and I make up AphoticInferno.com together. And we have a Patreon site for our AI team. And we produce at least one lovely comic and a whole bunch of singles, each month. Since it’s February, we wanted to be extra special and sexy, and so….we have a freebie at Patreon for you! But that’s not all!

We also have a bunch of great freebies! That Patreon extra was more than just a freebie – it was the first time I put together extra left over renders from Darthhell’s sexy masterpieces! =O =O =O

So, here are MY favourite single images from the set. I dressed them up – it’s a chick thing! You’ll love ’em no matter what, but do be warned, I like meat manly! Like this!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!