How exciting is THIS???

Renderosity Rewards Program Update

Actions That Will Earn You Points & Associated Point Values

  • Gallery Uploads: 3 Points

  • Approved FreeStuff Uploads: 20 Points

  • Approved Tutorial Uploads: 30 Points

  • Product Uploads: 25 Points

  • Approved Contest Submissions: 20 Points

  • MarketPlace Purchases: *5 Points for every $1.00 Spent

    • *7 Points for every $1.00 spent if you are a Prime Member.
  • 5 Points for every Product Review you post.

This is right up our alley! Darthhell and I can do this, easily! I’m back to being pretty prolific, and he is doing these epic images and rather enjoyed sharing freebies at Rosity previous to this. So we’re gonna hit this hard!

Like the fist of an angry god …..!