Yes! And it’ll be released THIS SUMMER 2017! AND AND AND it’s being published by Heavy Metal, whom I love and wish I could get work into! Man, what a trip!

Iron Maiden Comic Book Out This Summer

“Eddie’s immortal soul is shattered and strewn across the cosmos. Now, Eddie must journey across space and time to battle the twisted legions of The Beast, seek out the lost shards of his soul, and bring order to the realms.”

Here’s more from the Heavy Metal site itself!

Coming Soon: Iron Maiden’s Eddie in Comic Book Form

Heavy Metal CEO Jeff Krelitz adds: “As a lifelong fan of Iron Maiden, it is a privilege to publish the first comic giving a narrative to their iconic mascot, Eddie.

“When we discussed the potential of coming together on this project, it was immediately clear that there was no better home for Iron Maiden than Heavy Metal.”

The first comic book will appear in the July edition of Heavy Metal before being launched as a standalone series later in the year.

Don’t confuse this comic with Iron and the Maiden, now named the Iron Saint, by Jason Rubin – which was actually being sued by the band Iron Maiden for trademark infringement. I dunno, that’s not that close for the name. I can see if they inspired it, sure, but it’s not something to sue over. Right?

Can’t wait to get addicted to Eddie!

Gah, couldn’t choose a single Eddie poster image from back in the day. I love them all! But here’s this one for Darthhell, because as per our convo in the art stream last night, he likes the future, that lil technophile!