I have an amazing setup for my artwork and writing right now. Well almost for my writing. But for my art, for sure!

I have two monitors, one that has amazing pixellation so that the images look just fabulous. Nice and sharp and clear.

I have a new system that lets me render with higher engines like Superfly; still have to learn how to use that, though. Yikes, learning curve incoming!

I have my tablet and stylus set up. Couldn’t find the stylus til today, but whew, there it is! And just now got the pen pressure working. Wow, I have to start drawing all over again. I can’t even draw proper circles right now.

I have my kitty headphones set up so I can have them lit while I’m working, and to me, this is critical. I love feeling cool and awesome while working. I love having loud music to drown out reality, and the lil purple glow on my headphones is incredible for putting me in the mood to create.

I also have a new subscription for Photoshop CC, which means I have access to the latest tools and tech for Photoshop. I also have a lot of learning, lessons and tutorials to look at through the CC, and I’m kinda hoping I can get my work to return to how it looked in 2014 or 2015. So, I’ve got to decide on maybe Tuesdays being tutorial days.

Consider this my reminder/invitation to come watch me stream! It’s not that I’m looking for help 😉 But I do love support and suggestions for topics or content. I like making people happy, it’s a good characteristic trait I have. So pop by my art stream and watch me mess around with hair and boobies and cum! Maybe I can make something you like?

DireLilith @ Picarto.tv!