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He saw her as soon as he walked into the room. How could he not? She was the only one there. She was dressed like a man-eater. And she had posed herself to be on display on the teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom.

“Um…?” he started, finding it hard to speak suddenly.

She was gorgeous. He’d always thought so. And now she was putting herself on display for his eyes only. He’d only ever dreamt of such a vision, but here it was in front of him. From her sharp black stiletto heels to the top of her perfect and smoothly coifed hair, she quickly got his full attention. The books in his hands dropped to the floor loudly.

“Close the door,” the woman on the desk said, “and lock it…Pull down the blind on the window. No one gets to see this…no one but you…”

He did as he was told, stumbling back into the door, then turning quickly to turn the door knob’s pressure lock. He took a quick peek down the halls through the stripped safety glass of the window. No one else was at the school this early; somewhere there would be a janitor of course, mopping something disgusting off some floor or wiping a wall or window somewhere. But nobody had seen him enter into this classroom. He pulled the blind down and hoped that the locked door would put off anyone for at least the next little while.

“Look at me,” she said in a sultry and commanding voice.

He turned around, slowly, his face betraying the shame his erection was making him feel.

And he obeyed. He looked at her, looked her up and down. And he stared. Hard.

She had put all of her long dark locks, usually worn down and hanging over one shoulder, up into a severe bun at the crown of her head. He couldn’t see the bobby pins or clips that had to be keeping those typically wild locks in place. But he knew they had to be there. He’d stared at her enough during class time to know her deep brown hair was thick and hard to tame.

A white blouse was barely managing to keep her large and full breasts beneath its almost sheer white material. The buttons were objecting to the pressure, the material that they held rippled and looked stretched taut across her areolas. He could see the lush fullness of her nipples, and wondered at their diameter briefly before his eyes wandered once more.

The black skirt she was wearing rode up her flat tummy, as only the leg closest to him was aimed to the ground. She had lifted up her other foot and put it on the desk itself, the height of the stilettos making the unimaginable pose possible. Leaning back slightly on her bottom and one arm, the other hand rested on her bent knee. With her skirt pulled up just so, her lacey black panties were visible. They weren’t the thongs he would have expected, given her obvious hungry nature. They were instead full panties, covering her pubis completely, as well as any swell of her labia.

Was she turned on, he wondered, licking his lips at the thought.

“Come here.”

He scrambled quickly to her, but before he could reach her, she had put her lifted leg down and pushed off from the desk. When he was close enough, she guided him immediately down to the floor, to his knees. His gaze was on her face at first, but she touched the top of his head with her hand and turned his eyes downwards.

Now he was facing her crotch. That panty covered pussy, so perfectly hidden away.

“Take them off,” she quipped, always keeping her voice low.

His shaking fingers reached up to her hips, where the high panties rode against the curvy crest of her waist. He slipped them into the waistband of her undies and began to pull them down.

And that was when he felt the first WHACK! against his skull.

“Slower!” she hissed wickedly.

When he looked up at her in stunned disbelief, she was wielding a ruler, one of the metal ones that suited this particular classroom’s mathematical and drafting purposes perfectly. There was a mean curl to her unsmiling mouth, to the frown of her hot red painted lips that told him she was serious. Naturally, he moved his hands ever so slowly as he continued to draw her underwear down her body.

“Watch what you’re doing,” she commanded.

He didn’t need to be told twice. His eyes stared at the delicately trimmed pubic trail that lined her mons, vertically guiding his gaze lower as the panties’ waistband slipped down her groin, her thighs, and moved to her knees.


“Watch…what you’re doing. Don’t stare at my cunt. Watch the panties.”

There was almost malice in her voice. Was it supposed to be so mean and cruel? But he couldn’t deny that some ‘little boy’ part of him was loving it. Loving her authority, loving her control of the situation, of even the minute details.

He was to watch what he was doing, not stare openly at her fresh and beautiful nudity. He’d have to learn or there would be another strike of the metal ruler against his head.

Obediently he pulled the panties down to her ankles, then slowly looked up her body to her face, waiting to be told what to do next. She stepped one heeled foot out of the underwear, then lifted the other leg up, panties dangling before him.

“Take them off,” she started to say, but when he reached up with his hands, she smacked his knuckles with the ruler.

“Take them off…with your teeth…”

He swallowed and put his hands behind his back, to keep himself from making another mistake. His head was staring to hurt, and he wanted to show her he could behave. Lifting up slightly on his knees, he parted his lips and reached for her undies with his teeth.

She lifted her leg. The panties went higher. He blinked and lifted himself up more, but they remained out of his reach. What was she expecting him to do? He tried to bounce himself up slightly, and knew he must look ridiculous, trying to do such with his hands behind his back. But she didn’t laugh. She merely lifted the panties higher.

“You aren’t obeying me,” she quipped. Before he could object, the ruler came at his brain pan. WHACK!

He was beginning to hate that ruler…

Standing up suddenly, he bent in and quickly grabbed the underwear before she could pull them out of place. Then, holding the slightly moist and musky tasting undies in his teeth, he knelt down, looking up at the woman defiantly.

She raised an eyebrow. Nothing more.

“Now please me,” she said softly. “Keep the panties in your mouth. Please me with the panties still in your mouth…”

How the fuck…

He could feel more than see the ruler starting to rise, starting to approach, even though she had yet to lift it. Quickly he dove his face in to her crotch, pressing her underwear against the mound of her sex. Using his nose, he nuzzled the undies into the top of her crevice. She actually whimpered softly when they rubbed over the heavy hood of her clit. And her clit itself was swollen. He hurriedly used his tongue to push the panties into more of her crack, and was rewarded by the site of her clit in front of him. The panties stuck in the juices leaking from her hungry cunt, and he was able to take a brief moment to appreciate his prize.

Her clitoris was pierced. A barbell went through it, or rather, through the hood of it, no doubt rubbing against the sensitive bundle of nerves that was her clit every time anything jiggled or wiggled it. He flicked his tongue at it and groaned when he heard her whine slightly.

She was loving it!

He lowered his tongue down to the underwear, and used them almost like a shield as he pushed his way into her tiny cunt hole. It was like a condom for his tongue, but instead of negating the whole experience, he was sure she was feeling everything thanks to the black satin and lace of her panties. He started to fuck her with his tongue and the underwear, but just when he was sure she was about to cum, she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him off.

“Enough of this,” she said in that same low sultry tone. “I want to see what you’ve been teasing me with all year…”

He panted slightly, waiting for her command.


He was taller than her, even in her stilettos. He saw her chest rise and fall slightly as he stood to his full height, so close to her. He couldn’t help but grin, knowing it was intimidating. All this year, standing next to him, how hard it must have been to be so petite. She didn’t usually wear such heels, so normally, during classes, she’d be even smaller and shorter than she was now. How had that felt for her, all year long?

“Show me,” she said quietly, leaning her bare bottom back against the edge of the wooden desk.

He moved to put his hands against his pants’ zipper, but she hit them away with the metal ruler.

“No. No hands. Figure it out. Show me your cock…”

What the fuck? What was he supposed to do…? His erection shuddered slightly, aching with how hard it was, with how much blood had forced its way into his cock and balls. This was all getting ridiculous and silly. He just wanted to fuck her. Was that so wrong? But no, if he was going to have her, and not have it become some wicked school scandal, it had to be like this.

Biting his bottom lip, keeping his hands clasped behind his back, he moved forward and closed the distance between them. There was no space left now. Somehow, he still managed to push closer, and soon he was able to rub his cock against her belly.

His head was above hers. He could smell the freshness of her shampooed and styled hair, the soft lingering scent of some expensive perfume she had put on, just for this occasion. Normally, with her tresses wild, she dressed very differently, smelled differently. Acted…differently.

Did he just hear her whisper? Did she just say ‘so big’ under her breath? He snickered softly.


Somehow she had managed to reach up and strike him on the head with the ruler, despite how much taller he was than her.

“Silence! You are here to listen!”

He swallowed and closed his eyes against the spots that were dancing at the corners of his vision. Was he going to pass out the next time she struck him? She had quite the strength for such a petite lady.

“Now use your hands. Pull it out…” she said breathily, and he knew he was getting to her.

“Pull it out and let me see it…”

She wouldn’t be disappointed. They said that scientifically, the human body was proportional. That didn’t explain the internet’s fascination with ‘digit ratio’ though; many men’s sites claimed that the size of a man’s index finger compared to his ring finger could tell a woman how big he was ‘down there’.

She wouldn’t need to measure his fingers. He slowly unzipped his pants and withdrew the quite hefty piece of hard meat, looking down at it proudly. He knew she was trying to keep her surprise quiet, but he didn’t care. He had a dick other guys wished they had. They’d told him, all his life! And he’d never left a woman unsatisfied yet.

He wanted to brag. He wanted to say something as his cock sat there bouncing slightly with tremors of arousal. But she had said for him to be silent. He kept all his smart-ass comments to himself, waiting for her to tell him what to do next.

“Fuck me,” was all she said.

At first he wasn’t sure what she wanted. Did she really want him to just…go at it? Even though she’d been so careful and picky about everything up until now? One look at her face just before she turned around told him, yes, that was exactly what she wanted! She was just that horny!

She had turned herself around so that she was leaning over the desk, swiping the papers and books there away with her hands. She glanced over her shoulder as he put his big hands on her round ass cheeks and began to massage them. Then she squealed as he gripped her by her buttocks and lifted her up almost effortlessly.

His nose nuzzled right into her ass crack, his tongue flicking at the bottom back sensitive parts of her cunny as he lifted her up and shoved her forward. She scrambled to find purchase and not topple right off the desk, but thankfully for her he put her knees under her just in time.

Gripping the far edge of the desk, she gasped as his tongue poked into her pussy and pulled out her soaking wet panties from where he’d left them. They were drenched. She was hot alright. And she was ready!

But he wasn’t. His skull stung where she’d whacked him so many times on the same spot. And while they had somewhat agreed to what was happening, to how it would go down if it ever did, he had never given her permission to treat him like that. Not with a fuckin’ metal ruler!

While he licked and lapped at her cunt, his hand reached to the desk. He could see the ruler there. He picked it up in his fingers as his mouth drew away from her cunt hole, dribbling pussy juices as his lips moved off.

“So pretty,” he said softly, knowing his breath was wafting over her already so sensitive pussy lips. “So ripe and pretty.”


He smacked at the back of her pussy, between her thighs, with the metal ruler. He spared little of his strength doing it. She shrieked and squealed, but he held her still with a strong, firm grip on one of her bare thighs. She couldn’t get away, she had no choice but to take it.




The scarlet colouring of her cunt lips was brilliant, flaming even, as he leaned in to kiss them. They were hot to the touch, those sweet pussy petals. He wanted to go softly but couldn’t help himself, biting and pulling at them with his teeth. She mewled softly and lowered her head to the desk submissively, accepting his ministrations against her cunt.

“So pretty,” he said again.

Suddenly, with both hands on her thighs, he pulled her knees out from under her. As her feet hit the floor, his cock bounced into her cunt, filling her completely. When she went to scream in objection and perhaps more than a little pain, he put a hand on her throat and tilted her head back, covering her mouth with his fingers. She couldn’t make a sound. Her nostrils flared, her eyes were wide, and he’d only gone halfway in with his length.

He pushed the rest of his thick prick into her tight little body. She’d wanted it. She’d been waiting for him. But obviously she hadn’t expect ALL of this. All of him! He ground himself deep into her sex, until he was sure he was at the top of her vaginal canal and butting against her cervix.

“Now who needs to listen?” he whispered as he nipped at her ear.

Lifting her onto his pole and his lap, he turned them around so that he was on the desk edge, then drew himself back until he was completely supported. He leaned backwards further, and drew her legs up with both of his hands, daring her with his release of her mouth to scream.

She didn’t, though he could hear how ragged her breathing was, and knew she was aching inside. So be it!

Putting her feet under her so her stilettos were on the desk top, he gripped her waist and wasted no time in sliding her up and down his stiff rod. Gods he had been so horny for her all year long! Hearing her sultry voice in the classroom. Having her stand next to him as they worked through the equations for this or that structure or formula. He’d wanted to fuck her like this for so long. Now she was his, he was taking her just as he’d wanted. Was she letting him, or was he the one in control the whole time?

He grunted and groaned as she rode him against her will. She didn’t try to stop him, all she could do was lean back with her hands on his hips. He was the one guiding their fucking, moving her to his rhythm and fancy. And he could see the swell of her cunt wrapped around his rod under her body, while she could only take what he was giving.

Her bun undid itself in the bouncing. Her blouse tore, and buttons flew everywhere. And when he came, he got harder, thicker, faster and rougher. Then he held her down hard over his groin, not caring if his dick was physically too long to fit inside her. Somehow it did, and he gushed his seed all over her cervix.

“Good girl,” he whispered quietly.

She struggled to withdraw him from her sex but he wouldn’t let her go. Instead, he sat up and spread her legs wider, pulling her feet from the desk.

“You’re gonna take my seed,” he hissed in her ear as he wrapped an arm around her. “I’m gonna make you cum, make your womb suck up every drop of me, right into your belly, bitch…”

“I never said you could call me-” she started to say, but he bit her shoulder through the arm of her blouse, and she whined.

His free hand moved to her pussy, where he began to rub and tease at her abused and swollen petals. She was wet alright, and not just from the jizz oozing out from around his still-hard shaft. She had been horny just waiting for him. He knew that now, knew that she’d wanted this as much as he did.

But like any stuck up prude, she needed him to do it for her. She needed him to take control, to be the boss, to give her what she craved. She needed him.

His fingers pried open the top of her cleft, and he slowly drew circles around her pierced clitoral hood. Then he teased at the piercing, flicking it, pulling at it, making her cry out with each hard tug. He tickled around where his cock disappeared into her, toying with her labia minora, plucking at those rippled inner pussy lips where they stretched around his girth.

“Cum for me…” he commanded.

“N-no!” she whined.

“Cum for me!” he growled in her ear.

That was it, she was done. He felt her cave to her own cravings and yearnings, felt her give in to what was supposed to be a one-sided affair. She came, and he groaned as he felt her cunt suckling around him almost rhythmically. Her orgasm was wild, he felt all of her body engage as she struggled and fought it. She needed something to fight, she needed to resist right to the end, and he held her through it, proud of having the ability to take her there.

When she finally stopped writhing in his lap, he let his hard cock slip out of her and lifted her off of his body. He moved her to one side of the desk, and left her there, curled up on herself like a spider drowning in a jar of water. She was extra sensitive now, he knew. She was a rare breed but he knew the type; once she gave in to cumming, she lost it completely and it would take time for her to come down properly.

“So,” he said, “Headmistress. Does my daughter get that A+ after all?”

“Y-yes,” the elementary teacher said, nodding, eyes closed. “From C to…to A…”

“A+,” the proud father said, smirking as he dressed himself. Then he unlocked the door and looked at the woman who was fumbling with her clothes.

Her blouse was busted. She had to draw the shirt closed with her fingers. And he never did get a chance to taste those delicious mammaries either! Next time, he told himself.

Next time my little girl needs an A…

A+, he corrected himself as he watched his daughter’s third grade teacher totter out of his classroom and down the hall towards the junior end of the school.