So I was having a bitch of a time figuring out how to ‘fix’ a pair of V4 eyes. I wanted these specific gold eyes, and this specific face…but as soon as I combined the two, the eyes and eyelids went wonky! Darthhell was able to show one of his characters has an actual translate on the Y axis for the eyes, individually, but damned if we could find out how he got it! His default V4 doesn’t even have that!

I did a quick Google…if you know me, you know I loves mah Google! And I found a link…to a forum…then to an item at

That means…a FREE item to fix the eyes! Yes!

V4 Unhide Eyes by Sparky

Oh man, that just saved my comic, my Poser LIFE! I’m so happy! I automatically donated ten bucks in PayPal to the guy, and then suddenly…*wiggles eyebrows* PayPal let me know I’d be sent to the merchant’s home page….


The Philosopher’s Egg

Wow! Look what he has! It’s amazing! I can’t really link the images but check out the Canidae and its expansion pack, the Insectoid, the Lacerinian I think it was called? Just amazing stuff. And his free fix fixed my V4 superheroine! Man I love this guy! Or girl. Or group of people! THEM! *points emphatically*