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Let me tell you a bit about myself and my experience with art.

Early Years

When I was in Kindergarten, I remember getting into trouble because I refused to colour inside the lines. I had an aunt who was incredibly good at art, and that made me want to be good too. However, when my aunt would colour in our colouring books, she would first trace the black outlines with the crayon, especially a darker colour, and then lightly fill the picture in with another type of stroke or a lighter colour. Of course, nobody knew that when I was trying to colour a picture, I was trying to imitate her. Hells even I didn’t realize it til just now!

My mother was an unhappy woman, but she recognized I wanted to be creative and encouraged me the only way she knew how. She wanted to make a folder of art for me to save my pictures in, but she made me draw literally hundreds of tiny curling leaves on the cover for a tree she wanted on it. Gah I hated that! And hated art for quite some time after.

In highschool, I would draw pictures of women. Oh I loved fantasy art and fantasy women! Art class sucked because I didn’t want to do any of the other mediums. I wanted a pencil, and paper, and hours to draw women *purrs* My friends would sometimes ask me to draw things for them. I’d draw Viking goddesses, vampire women, and elvish chicks. No, they weren’t that great but I liked the ideas!

Coming Online

When I started drawing, I had no idea it’d ever be ‘something’ for me. At school, it looked like the ‘easy route’. Doing what you loved and getting paid, but somehow you had to do what other people wanted, and they’d want you to produce what they wanted…Mona Lisa, Van Gogh, Da Vinci or whoever, right? And I had no desire to do what others wanted. Remember the colouring incident and those damnable trees? I had a really rebellious nature!

Then I met Stormbringer, and while we began to develop our friendship, Yahoo! created a new sort of messenger. It allowed you to draw pictures for the other person. As a joke, I started drawing tits and boobs. Naked women! Quelle surprise, non?

Stormbringer happened to run a very risque site that I started to work for. It dealt with a lot of art that you sure won’t see around now! It’s the kind that is now censored out by payment processors and credit card companies. He said he’d like to move towards pinups and hey, why don’t I learn how to draw using…Adobe Photoshop? I acquired the program, and started learning photo manipulation – the art of manipulating a photo and turning it into something else. Take your average porn scene, add a touch of me, and you’ve got some orc raping an elf, trying to breed her!

Photo manipulation was fun but I wasn’t successful at it. So, while we were looking for my true medium, we stumbled on Poser 4. Seriously folks, I started with Poser 4. Back then, Poser was owned by a different company, and didn’t have a lot of support. The pictures were awful and what was worse, I didn’t know anybody who knew Poser! Who even understood it!

*whispers* I didn’t even know how to make a picture render! I would look at pictures, and then at mine, and ask myself, why does mine look all pixel-y and undone? Incomplete? Unfinished?

Because it wasn’t rendered! *jaw drops* Seriously, nobody told me ‘you have to render the image’ so I would export right from the document window and then have a …wait, you’re drooling and your brain is going numb. Never mind!

Eventually I got into Poser much more, and learned postwork as well. That’s the process we do after we’ve rendered an image and exported it out of the 3D program. We open it up in a painting program like what I use, Adobe Photoshop CS2, and we fix a few of the challenges 3D pics have. Some people are purists, and they have to have the image perfect before they’re done in their 3D program of choice. Me, I’m an artist, and these are my tools. And I don’t discriminate between postwork and rendering; if a dress has an arm poking through slightly, I feel like it’s part of my skillset to one, notice, two fix it, and three, produce an image where nobody ever knows that poke through ever happened. It’s part of my talent!

I now make money with pictures at paysites and through commissions. I love doing work where someone says “I want something like this but go for it, however you want!” I like that better than when someone says “I want this character doing this move, with this body shape,” etc., because I’ve long since learned that what I call voluptuous someone else calls average. Guys! Size D is NOT the typical tit size! *huffs and smirks and covers up her Ds in rl* But anyway!

My art goal is to create what I call a sleeping income, like my friend Nova Digital Art has. He’s a very professional 3D artist who can model, pose, create, all of it, from the ground up if he has to or wants to. Amazing talent. He has created several successful series that he sells stories for, graphic novels more or less, comics in some people’s eyes, and these bring in a steady income for him every month. At first he had to work really hard to produce, but the more he worked at it, the more the sleeping part of his income developed. Now, the series he made months ago still bring in money today, and he can pick and choose what comes next. That’s professional business acumen and that’s what I want to do.

Let me tell you a bit about my roleplay career.

Yahoo! Groups

Back in the day, people did a lot of text MUD games. I forget what MUD stands for but they roleplayed in text games where you basically did the same on the internet that you would do on a tabletop. Well I had no interest in that. I tried DnD and I ended up being the worst ‘superhero’ ever…

DM: You see a dark hallway wherein the shadows seem to move and the floor writhes, and you hear strange sounds and…

K: I run the other fucking way! Are you kidding me? I know what’s comin’ next, I’m not sticking around!

DM: Okay your boss wants to have a ‘special’ meeting with you…

K: I leave work early and avoid it-

DM: The fuck? Why??

K: Because you said I was a secret agent spy superhero, and now my boss, at the missile factory, wants to have a private meeting with me? That’s either rape or …he knows…! I’m not ready to be discovered yet!

I knew I wanted to live in the fantasy worlds, but I had no desire to play by the rules. This, you see, became the norm for me *purrs*

I was playing Chess at Yahoo! games and flirting with a lot of people. A real life friend of mine showed me how you could get into a private room and do sexy things with the people you played with. Oh I wanted more of that! Safe sex? No strings? No attachments and no diseases or babies or stuff that you just didn’t want in those days? Count me in!

Then I found a ‘roleplay group’ via the same friend. She disappeared but I took to it like a duckling to water. I was in my element. Write post for post sexy stories? I’m down! Of course, we weren’t supposed to do sexy rp but…we did! Gods it was amazing! And Moonfacewoman was born *purrs* I adopted that as my Pagan name but also she was my first roleplay character. She was the daughter of a goblin king and a mysterious creature from the mountain realms! Oooo! Her mother disappeared after her birth and left her to her father’s wicked devices *purrs* She became very powerful, very evil, and took over the goblin realm. In this group, she had amazing power and made some great story connections. I loved being Moonfacewoman!


I was doing a search about goblins. Always loved Legend and Labyrinth, you see, and I wanted to know more. And for me, the internet has always been about learning! I found a group about goblins, or so I thought, called the Scabrous Raiders. Through them I learned about a game called Everquest. I was there on the first day that EQ came out, damned straight! But to be part of the ‘cool’ guild I wanted to join, I had to go on a spy mission! EQ allowed us to be dark elves or ‘drow’. They were called something else in the game but, we all seemed to quickly discard that. I ended up on a server full of people who had rp’d in the old text versions of Neverwinter Nights. They SPOKE drow. They LIVED drow. I…became Drow…

I became Ubique et Hic. “Everywhere…and here”…was my motto. Boy did I fuck…gah it was so awesome! I STILL have to stop myself from saying ‘bel’la dos’ and ‘bwael’ all the time when I talk to people in games, heh. I have such a Drow focused mind some days, it’s amazing the way I can think. I twist and turn and develop plots around the simplest stuff. I never enact them of course because…ahem…I’m not a Drow in real life *chin up* I’m a human. Anyway!

World of Warcraft

Through EQ I of course learned about World of Warcraft. I’d seen and owned the Warcraft Battle Chest of games or whatever, but had no desire to play single player now that I could play online. Let’s be clear, my first game was Starcraft online. I also played Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption…online. And The Sims…solo and online. I have played a LOT of online games, I’ll list them later.

Anyway, WoW came out and I hated it. Why were we so cartoonish? Why did we look that way? That wasn’t MY plan, I wanted to look realistic. But the devs for WoW, which most people won’t recall them saying, wanted to make the game comical because marketing research said that’s what would bring the players in. People wanted to get away from reality. It was like stepping into the Matrix! I joined Deathwing server because it was PvP and as Ubique, heh, that’s what I was known for. That…and getting stuck. The GMs of EQ used to call anyone who got stuck  as having ‘pulled an Ubi’. I dunno, some people are just…sticky in games! I’m one of them.

I like PvP. That stands for Player versus Player. I like to kill other players. In EQ my preference wasn’t for bugs or beetles. I wanted to kill the dwarves! I loved when the NPCs would call my name, MINE! Loved that. And then the actual players! Knowing I had killed someone who didn’t think I was able to kill them, gah I loved that! But I also lost a LOT and I was okay with that because to me, I guess it was about connection. For that brief moment in PvP you have someone’s attention and focus completely. If they look away, if they turn around to talk to their mommy or their daddy or their kid or their dog…. I win… I love that! It’s not about the formula. It’s not about the gear. PvP is always about the players.

I don’t like PvE or Player versus Environment. I don’t like raids or dungeons. I don’t like looting or treasure. I don’t like professions or quests either. Not in any game, not just WoW but in any game. I like to roleplay, and I like my roleplay to involve fucking and killing, and not in that order. I like games that give me an opposing faction I can ‘hate’. I like games that let me be someone I am not in real life – I never choose human, ick.

Currently, I roleplay a witch of the Eastern Plaguelands who runs a Church of Fuck. This is how I get over the fact so many people don’t want to create long term roleplay connections but want to play with me just the same. So, I lower my restrictions and standards and play. No biggie. It’s one day a week to really have fun with lots of different people! Well let’s be real, not lots. I still spend a lot of time writing and doing art instead of roleplaying because people are waiting for the expansion. And I haven’t done proper long bouts of PvP because I just don’t wanna do it without a partner. I guess I’m really missing my best gaming buddy, Grey.

I also roleplay a sexy pregnant warrior slut named Pane, and a cute little innocent priestess named Ari =) Roleplay is why I game. Everything else is ‘the stuff you get to do while you’re roleplaying your character’. I roleplay spontaneously and with anyone who comes up, while I also do immersive rp – just because you walk up to me and say hi, doesn’t mean I’m necessarily going to like you 😉 Depends on your roleplay, your race, your class…and who I am at the time.

Let me tell you about my experience in writing…

Where flows my pen, there lay I…naked, exposed…and waiting to be read!

I started writing when I was a child. My first writing exposure was to write a suicide note when I was nine. It was so pretty or emotional for me that I stuck around and wrote more stuff. I have writing from when I was in highschool!

In highschool, being a tortured and artistic and terribly misunderstood soul, I wrote sad stuff all the time. I wrote for my friends, wrote their stories and their tragedies, then made some of my own and wrote about that!

Later, I learned about the internet and started writing there. I first wrote a poem about a rose used by a man to please his lover *purrs* Gods I wish I had that story…

Then I joined asstr for awhile. Not saying anything else about that except I don’t like to go there and I recently got asked to but will not. Just can’t do that.

I wrote for a porn site called Digital Rooster I think? They provided content for porn sites; you go to a porn site entry page and you see some sexy pics in a series, and there’s a story joining the pictures. That used to be me writing that stuff! I learned to produce really quickly and fast, and learned to work well under pressure. Best, in fact. I do so love my porn writing.

I realized when roleplaying in EQ that I could really turn people on! I could make people’s fantasies come true, and come out of it without any icky cum in my hair! LOVED that! XD So I started trying to find out how to do that. Stormbringer to the rescue! He gave me a site to sell my stories on. I made no money. But I still enjoyed the process!

I wrote all these porn stories and shared them at Literotica, and won one of their ‘survivor’ contests one year. It was great, I loved that. So I wrote more.

What I really wanted to do was ‘write other people’s fantasies for money.’ But at that time I didn’t know about websites, HTML or anything but Yahoo! groups and games. What the fuck was PayPal? I didn’t know! It took me a long time to get going. I had no mentors and no real help. Stormbringer said ‘go forth, my girl, and prosper’ but he wasn’t doing it himself so how could he tell me how to do it? I produced but I didn’t make money.

Now…I can make money. I still do a LOT of free stories. And people love them! I love logging into a game as DireLilith and having people say “I know you!” Nova told me once he was at a coffee shop and some girls started a conversation with him, and when he told them what he did and who he knew, namely me, one of his dear friends, they freaked and said they were fans of mine! Eeee! Real life fans! I love that!

Out of all my abilities, writing is the one that makes me feel the best. Art comes next, and really is cathartic for me. It brings my fantasies to life in a really pretty way. Roleplaying makes me feel like when I am making pics and writing, maybe I’m not working at home but actually with other people! I love sitting in my chat room and rping with people while I produce stuff. It inspires me. The stories my characters have, their lives in games, inspire me. And knowing that something I do turns on someone else? And they’ll pay for more?

Fuck. That’s the life I want.

I inspire people. People adore what I produce and where it comes from. And while it’s gaining in popularity, 3D art I mean, I know I’m a complete package.

I’m a sexy hot chicka who knows how to bring her online persona to glorious life. People love watching how my characters from games evolve via stories and pictures. Especially now that I do comic panels now and again, people are just in love with ‘me’. With what I do. I love being generous here, I love giving and receiving, and I love love love creating.

So come inside my realm. Take a peek at what turns me on. I guarantee I make something that you’ll like. You don’t have to love me. But you might find it hard not to. Gimme your lust and we’ll both be happy with the results!


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