It all seemed like some sort of dream. The way the sunlight had lit across his hair like golden wheat, blowing slightly in the breeze that haunted the tops of the very tallest of the skyscrapers Jessi called home. It had tugged at her flowery dress, begging her to come play and skip as she often did when she was up this high. But it hadn’t been a day for play, not when she saw Michael standing there.

“You gotta help us,” he’d pleaded, moving towards her at last and taking her hands in his.

His skin had been so warm. His touch, so strong, almost as if he could break her in his grasp. But he didn’t.

Jessi had looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes, and felt herself floating away as if in a trance. She was nodding before he finished telling her what she had to do. And when he pulled away, when the chopper dropped down the long chain ladder and Michael climbed up it and into the sky, Jessi had stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what she had agreed to do. Wondering about what Michael had just told her she was meant to do.

In the covering and protection of the penthouse suite she called home, Jessi held on to Minerva tightly, too tightly, making the faux kitten squirm and buzz all at once. The genetically enhanced robotic feline wriggled in Jessi’s hands as she held the furry bundle against her chest, not letting her go. Jessi was terrified, and it was a feeling she’d never known before. All she’d ever known was happiness and contentment and pleasure.

Michael changed all of that. From the moment she saw him to the moment he disappeared in the chopper, out of sight, chased away by C.O.R.V.U.S. drones with red lights flashing and monotone voices calling out ‘intruder’ or whatever they considered him to be, Jessi felt everything had changed. Life was no longer just about contentment, skipping with a tra-la-la step from one moment to the next, and throwing herself with all smiles into whatever came up.

Everything had changed.

A small yellow light on a table near the huge couch she was sitting on began to glow brightly, then fade, then glow brightly again. On and off it went, signaling that Jessi was being called. Minerva knew too. Every creation in the building knew what that yellow light that blurred on and off almost lazily meant.

Jessi rose from her sitting position and instinctively looked herself over in the nearby reflective wall. She adjusted her dress, letting the top slip down lower on the cleavage than it normally did. She pressed her smooth palms over the swell of her hips and pressed it down against her bottom and thighs. Still, the skirt was made to flow with every step her long legs took, and it refused to stay where she pressed it. It hugged her mature but youthful form just the same, so she didn’t have to worry really.

But she did. As she walked towards the lift, Jessi worried. Did she look pretty enough to pull this off? Did she look as different as she felt? There was a strange pounding beat in her chest caused by the unfamiliar feelings of doubt and uncertainty. But the lift hummed beneath her feet just the same, and shot her upwards, barely ruffling the loose flow of her skirt as she rode.

Looking out from where the lift took its first turn and began to traverse the para-glass tube that allowed at least some of the citizens of the city to avoid going outside to travel to other buildings, Jessi felt she looked down on the city below with new eyes. It was a grimy city, a dirty city. She’d been told that so many times. Father had made sure she knew how dirty the city was.

Father. She was on her way to see him now, on her way to answer his summons. Less ‘important’ traffic in the para-glass tube parted for the mist-shielded lift, eyes following Jessi’s horizontal trail before it took its next vertical turn along and up the side of the next tallest building in the city. They knew who she was, the people watching. And they didn’t like her, she knew. But Father said that was the way it was supposed to be. They were jealous, he’d said. And she didn’t need them to like her. She only needed him to like her.

The darkness of the city soon disappeared, and Jessi was rising upwards towards the sun once more. It had set, however, a sight that no one in the city below and in fact that no one below cloud level ever saw. They missed the red and gold and orange turning to crimson and violet and navy blue. And they would never see the stars as Jessi got to each and every night.

Stepping off the lift, she made her way towards the pool. Father was there in his chair, alone as always, unguarded and unattended. He couldn’t stand very easily anymore. Jessi knew that and so she leaned down to give his cheek a kiss. He touched her arms at the elbows and kept her close an extra moment – just as Michael had said he would, as Michael had said Father no doubt always did. But Michael had seen meaning in that simple affectionate touch that Jessi never had.

She stiffened slightly, and Father looked up at her, a worried expression on his elderly face.

“Is everything alright, my dear?” he said in elegant Pseudo-English.

Nobody spoke pure English anymore, unless they were wilders who didn’t even use toilet paper or silverware.

Jessi smiled as she drew away. “Of course. Everything is fine. Nothing a swim won’t fix, hmm?”

Father wriggled slightly in his lounge chair, leaning back and then using the guides on the handle to slide the chair towards the edge of the pool.

“Yes,” he said in that familiar deep voice that suddenly seemed so transparent to Jessi than it had before. “A swim, my dear…”

Moving to the pool, for a moment Jessi forgot Michael’s words, and remembered only his face. That handsome face, no doubt the same age as she was, wasn’t he? He had to be. And his hands, so warm and smooth compared to Father’s.


Father was calling her. She looked over one rounded bare shoulder, her dress held around her chest as she smiled at the man behind her.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Perfectly fine,” Jessi said. “I’m perfectly fine…Father…”

The older man grunted and leaned back once more, a look of eagerness on his face as Jessi let the dress drop. He wasn’t even looking her in the eyes anymore, she realized for the first time as the dress floated to her feet and landed in a light pile of lush flimsy material. The older man’s greyed gaze was roving all over her body, the slender backs of her legs, over the taut curves of her ass cheeks and the plush swell of her hips.

It had never occurred to Jessi that he felt anything but paternal love for her. But Michael’s warning, Michael’s pleading request for her promise to help, had changed everything.

Swan-diving perfectly into the black water of the pool, Jessi made her way under the surface towards the far edge. The pool’s walls and bottom were para-glass, easy to come by since Father owned the entire industry. The stuff was used in every aspect of building that it could be, and luxuries like high-rise pools were no exception. It was like swimming in the air itself, up in the sky. For a moment Jessi wondered if anyone else could see her.

Then it struck her. Somewhere out there, Michael would be watching. He had said he would watch. That he had been watching her every night. Why would tonight be any different?

A thrill went through Jessi’s body as she thought about him watching her. He was supposed to be her brother, but he was also the only man their age that she’d ever met. Yet the first time she’d met him had been tonight. Why was that?

Jessi knew that Father never talked of Michael. She remembered once finding a picture of Michael as a boy in some of Father’s belongings, but the old man had quickly snatched the holographic frame out of her grasp and tossed it out the high nearby window. No doubt it shattered to impossible pieces down on the ground hundreds of stories below. Jessi had never asked about Michael before that time, and she knew all the better not to mention him in the future. He was a taboo topic, and she didn’t need to be told.

“Jessi,” the old man was calling.

Leaning against the far edge of the pool, the water buoyed her up enough that she could dangle half of her body against the edge itself. She felt the warm para-glass against the roundness of her chest, her breasts squashed flat as she folded her arms and looked down to where the smog clouds were.


Below the clouds lived millions of people, all of which would give their lives to be where she was, right now. She’d never seen them but Father assured her that they were dirty, grimy, and some of them horribly disfigured. They had terrible eating practices, rummaging around in garbage instead of growing their own food. Father had shown Jessi how to grow food. Her garden was full of ripe fruit and flowering plants that made the air smell sweet and fresh. She couldn’t understand why the people below would actually want to live in the dirt of the earth rather than live full and healthy lives.

“Jessi? Can you hear me, dear?”

“Yes, Father,” she whispered, knowing he wouldn’t hear her. “I’m coming.”

Slowly, Jessi turned around and dipped into the water once more. Her hair draped over her shoulders, then slid behind her as she frog-swam through the dark water without making a single splash. Her chest and head bobbed up and down as she made her way across the round pool towards Father in his chair. And as she watched his grey gaze, she saw how he wasn’t looking at her face at all.

His vision was glued to her ass, which broke the surface of the water quietly each time her feet came together then kicked away. And he was watching lasciviously as her chest lifted up and down in the pool with each push and pull of her arms and hands.

The man was infatuated with her body, and she’d never realized it until now. Until Michael had told her what he had told her.

Reaching the edge of the pool that was in the centre of the building’s roof, Jessi pulled herself up, keeping her face towards Father’s. She wanted to see more of it, this enraptured expression Michael had told her would be there, and that Father now bore. As the water ran in rivulets down her pale skin, Jessi walked towards Father with a sway to her hips. It was a new sway, she didn’t typically walk like that. Jessi’s usual walk and demeanor were innocent and happy. Naïve, Michael had called her, telling her it was time to change.

“Father?” she said softly, moving to stand directly in front of the man. “Do you like what you see?”

The old man stuttered, flabbergasted as his daughter put herself on display so close to him. Jessi tilted her head and drew her water-dark hair forward, using both hands to wring it out as she leaned slightly to the front. The gesture forced her round breasts to hang beautifully from her torso, an effect she knew wasn’t lost on Father. His eyes went wide. Was that a bit of drool at the corner of his mouth?

Flinging her head back, Jessi smiled and moved closer to the lounge chair. Then she lifted one leg up and straddled her father’s thighs boldly, pulling at the strap on his silky black dressing robe and undoing the gown down the front.

“What…what are you doing, child?”

“I’m not a child,” she whispered back to him with a confident smile. “And you know that.”

“What is this? What do you mean? Did…did someone set you up for this?”

Jessi laughed as she pressed her palms flat against Father’s hairy chest. The grey curls that lay like a fur carpet across his tanned skin were thick enough for her fingers to disappear into. His bare chest was so warm compared to her moist hands, and she could feel his heart pounding beneath the frail cage of his ribs.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Who?” the man demanded, grabbing her wrists and pulling them off of his stomach.

“You did,” Jessi said with a wink.

She leaned forward and gave the man a much less than daughterly kiss. At first he objected, but just as Jessi began to question how she could kiss someone so very well, Father started to respond to the kiss. He parted his lips and Jessi darted her tongue into his mouth as her hands ran down the rotund sides of his body beneath the robe.

He wanted this. And now Jessi did too. It’s why she was there, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it just as Michael had said?

“Why else do you think he stares at you like he does? I’ve seen it. A naked swim from his daughter, every night before he tucks you into bed? Do you think all fathers do this with their daughters? They don’t, Jessi. By the gods, they don’t!”

Jessi’s tongue teased and toyed with Father’s, drawing his into her mouth. She clamped her lips carefully around it and began to suckle on his tongue. Her head bobbed slightly, forward and back, her lips dragging along his tongue firmly as if they were coupling. As if they were fucking.

Father pulled away, panting and staring at her with wide eyes. “I never…I never thought…”

“But you did,” she whispered, sitting up slightly so she could gently peel down his trouser waistband. “You had to have. Why else are things the way they are?”

Jessi licked her lips as her father’s genitals were slowly exposed. He kept the area completely shaven, no doubt to make himself look bigger than he was. Men did such things, she knew. But how did she know?

Jessi slid back along the man’s legs, stretching her sinewy body out behind her until her knees hung off the chair’s edge and touched the floor. She leaned her head down and began to lick at the elderly prick in front of her. With every lap of her tongue, Father started and moaned.

She was good at this. She knew she would be, somehow. But the more she did it, the better she got. It was easy to read the man, to see what he liked. He liked it when she curled her long tongue around him, wrapping all the way around his thick girth not once, but twice. He liked it when she drew her tongue up and down, pulling on the fleshy sheath that surrounded his uncut penis, drawing it up and down. And he especially loved how she stopped to tease at the slit on the head of his prick, her tongue thinning out and threatening to dip down inside the very orifice that slit gave entry to.

“Gods girl, stop! Stop this!” he moaned, but it was too late.

As Jessi cupped her father’s testes, his cock exploded. His cum shot all over her, making her gasp in delight and surprise as the hot seed landed on her cheeks. She’d never expected it to be so hot, but of course it had to be. It came from inside his own body, so of course it would be steamy and heated. Jessi used her fingers to clean the gooey mess off her face, dragging her fingers into her mouth to lick them clean. Only when she was completely done did she begin to slowly crawl back up Father’s body, smiling into his startled eyes.

“What…what made you do this, Jessi?” he asked warily.

“Didn’t you like it? I know you did, Father,” she purred, nuzzling against his neck.

She could feel his arms slowly wrapping around him, and she shivered, pressing her cheek to his chest and leaning almost heavily against him.

“You’re cold. Let’s go inside,” the man offered.

Jessi shook her head. Michael had said to do it out here. Because he was watching. Was he still watching? Was he proud of her? Did he like it, somehow?

“No,” she said, turning to look up into Father’s worried gaze. “Are you afraid of something?”

The man shook his head ‘no’ at first, but then nodded.

“Are you afraid of me, Father?”

He said ‘no’ with another shake of his head.

“Are you afraid of yourself?”

Jessi sat up, straddling him again. She reached first for one of his hands, then for the other. She took them and cupped them to her breasts, feeling a vibration emanating from the depths of her as his palms grazed her nipples.

“Yes. Gods, yes.”

“Afraid you’ll lose control?”

He nodded again.

“Show me,” Jessi cooed. “Show me how afraid you are.”

“I can’t. Oh my dear, I can’t, don’t you see? I’m…I’m an old man…”

His eyes were pleading with her to understand, but Jessi was determined. She stood up and tugged her father to stand. Then she pressed his robe back from his shoulders, taking it from him and spreading it out on the floor next to the pool. She turned and moved to her knees in front of him, nuzzling his spent sex against her cheek and feeling it stir back to life.

“Jessi-“ he tried to say, touching her slicked back wet hair.

“Show me,” she mewled, blinking her big blue eyes up at him.

Then Jessi lay back on the robe. She spread her thighs and reached down with her hands to grip the undersides of her calves. The motion left her cunt completely opened and exposed to the man towering over her. And despite his great age, his dick began to grow. Jessi could practically see it throbbing in the cool night air, fresh blood pumping into the spongy muscle and filling it up, hardening it like a bone or like stone.

“Father,” she whimpered, feeling her cheeks heat.

There was a wetness between her legs, one she hadn’t felt before. But she knew what it was for. Now knew what was going to happen, what had to happen. And as her father knelt between her legs and adjusted himself, Jessi turned her head to the side, smiling.

Somewhere out there, at one of the other rooftops, in some other window perhaps from just a bit lower down maybe? Michael was there. And he was watching her. Watching their father as the old man dragged the head of his cock against his daughter’s fur-lined cunny hole, wetting himself with her desire.

Jessi felt him slide in. She closed her eyes and sighed, recalling the image of Michael earlier, shining golden in the sun before the chopper took him away.

What would it feel like? She soon found out. Father’s prick pulsed and pressed into her, filling her body up to the brim. She felt him come to touch the very depths of her and continue to push, as if she were too small, too tight. Then the man grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders, holding her thighs tightly as he rammed in and out of her little cunt hole.

“You dirty girl! You…you dirty little slut!” he hissed, though there was only a small part of her, the part he now invaded, that was little about Jessi. “You want your father’s cock, do you? Don’t you want it? Take it, you cum slut! Take it!”

His words were vicious and cruel to Jessi’s ears, but she continued to smile. Staring off to one side, she moaned and sighed and cried out in false pleasure each time Father drove himself hard into her. Somewhere out there was a glint of a scope, the gleam of a camera. Somewhere, Michael was watching her. Was she doing a good job? Was she doing what he wanted her to do?

“Oh gods! Oh gods! Gonna…gonna fill up my girl! Jessi!!” Father howled loudly.

He was cumming. He was cumming inside Jessi now, and she reached for him, putting her hands on the roundness of his stomach between her thighs. She whined and cried out in delight with him, but she did not release. She did not cum. Instead, she fucked her body against his groin, felt her ass slapping feverishly against his thighs, and held him securely inside her. The inner workings of her body pulled and whirred and vibrated and tugged at him, even as he unleashed a third load of hot jizz into his daughter’s body.

Jessi kept going. In her mind’s eye, it was Michael. And she was hungry for him. For him to do this with her. Would he ever? He was her brother. He was no more supposed to want her than Father was. But was it so wrong? If he wanted her to do this with Father, this thing that he said Father wanted so badly, why would it be wrong to do it with Michael?

“Yes, yes, yes!” she wept with joy, thinking of Michael’s golden hair and soft lips as he made her promise to help. “Yes yes! I will!”

Suddenly, Father collapsed atop Jessi’s body. She lay still, panting, breathing hard, swallowing around the tight dryness in her throat. And then she closed her eyes, feeling.

Father’s chest was empty of a heartbeat. Jessi waited a little bit longer, then slowly rolled him off of her, until he was laying on his side next to her, sightless eyes staring up at the stars.

A nearby lift was activated, and suddenly people were there, frantically trying to revive Father, and trying to put blankets around Jessi’s naked body. She could feel his seed dripping from between her legs as they urged her to come with them back to the lift and into the building. But before she let them, she looked once more into the darkness, to see if Michael was there. Somewhere.

Days later, Jessi lay on a table, smiling up at the bright white lights above her. Michael was there. And he was touching her. She wanted to touch him back but she had been strapped down around her arms and legs. There was no moving from the spread eagle pose she had been tied up in.

“It’s perfect.”

“Worked out beautifully.”

“Better than we ever thought, Michael. Well done.”

There were people milling around her waist area. Jessi couldn’t lift her head to see them but she tried to watch them, to see where Michael was. Ah there he was, she could tell his golden hair anywhere. But who was that standing next to him? A woman?

“It’s finally over,” Michael said.

“Yes, at last. Everything’s changed now. You were brilliant, just brilliant.”

“And he left her everything, you know. Well. Left you everything.”

The woman shook her head. “He never even knew.”

Michael and the woman hugged, and then to Jessi’s chagrin, they kissed. Deeply. Affectionately. Lovingly.

“M-Michael?” Jessi said in a weak and tiny voice.

The young man pulled away from his companion and turned to face Jessi where she lay on the table. He sighed and pursed his lips, then leaned over her, looking into her eyes.

Jessi smiled. “Did I do it right? Did I do good?”

“You sure did,” he said quietly, but there was a strange sound to his voice, a tone of disconnected compassion.

“Are you pleased? Am I a good girl? A…a good sister?”

The woman, whom Jessi couldn’t see right now, chuckled quietly and seemed to slip further into the shadows of the room. Michael glanced at her over his shoulder, then looked back at Jessi with a smile and stroked her head, brushing her hair away from her face.

“You are a good girl,” he said. “A very good girl. But it’s time to sleep now.”

Michael drew a thin white sheet up over Jessi’s body, and she sighed softly at the cool feeling of the crisp material settling over her. Then just before he covered her face, she wiggled slightly and looked up at him, confused.

“Can I…can I have a kiss first? A goodnight kiss?”

For a moment, Michael paused, then nodded. The other woman in the room coughed dryly but still Michael leaned down. Jessi closed her eyes, smiling softly as her brother’s warm lips grazed over hers. Then he drew the sheet over her face completely and left it there.

Michael turned towards the monitor resting out of sight behind the J.E.S.S.I.’s shoulder. He turned a switch, flicked a knob, and her body went limp. Then he turned to his sister and shook his head.

“I am never going to allow them to make constructs again,” he said in a voice that dripped with barely-contained anger.

The real Jessi slipped close to him and smiled as she hugged him tightly. “I’ll help. It’s me he left the fortune to, after all.”

Together, brother and sister walked out of the laboratory room, leaving the now defunct construct behind them. The lights in the room turned off as they passed through the door, no longer sensing any life forms within the room and shutting down any unneeded energy resources.

Junior Endoparasitic Seduction and Sabotage Imago