This is a commissioned story with specific kinks the client asked for.

Jesca looked at herself in the polished mirror that was leaning against the wall of her little mushroom house. The curved walls of the hollowed out fungus didn’t really allow for items to be pressed against it, unless they too were curved. So her one and only full length mirror had to sit leaning against the wall rather precariously.

Tucking a lock of strawberry blonde hair behind her ears, the young medic wondered for the umpteenth time this morning whether or not she was ready for this. Her supervisors had said she was. All her training was intended for a mission like the one she faced today. So why was she so nervous?

Part of it had to do with the soldier assigned to guard her on this rather diplomatic mission. Teyza was a much more experienced fairy than Jesca was. The soldier had gone on several missions over the last two years, and all of them were wrought with some sort of danger. There had been the spider invasion months ago, and then the tent caterpillars who had wrongly built their homes in the holly berry bushes on the other side of the forest from where the fairy queen had designated their territory to be. That had been a very sticky situation, literally, but Teyza always came out on top.

Sighing, Jesca reached over and plucked her square framed glasses from the top of a dresser. She’d need them today, no doubt. Tucking her hair around her pointed ears, she turned slightly in the mirror and studied herself critically.

Her dress was white and short, with a few appropriate red accents to help anyone or anything that saw her identify her as important, special. She fluttered her cute little wings and felt the wind they caused ruffling up the back of her hair. She’d need her hairband today, for sure, with the flying they were intending on doing.

Jesca donned the headband and tied it under her short locks so it ran over the top of her head, keeping her soft voluminous tresses close to her scalp. She needed to look the epitome of professionalism. While she was quite versed in ambassador duties, today was the real thing, and it worried her. Would she be able to remember the proper language and manners? Would she be able to see what was causing all the troubles with their neighbours? And in the end, would she be able to resolve the problem so that honey could once more flow between the Bee queendom and the fairy kingdom?

There was a knock on the door to Jesca’s small abode. Teyza was there, and it was time to go. Grabbing up her green medical bag and slipping the shoulder strap over her shoulder, the young fairy medic gave herself one more once-over, then opened the door.

“We’re getting late,” the terse voice of Teyza said.

The other fairy was everything that Jesca was not. She was slender and sleek, like all the fairies, but Jesca was sure that she was at least a whole millimeter taller. Teyza had strong brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail, with three separate ties along the length of the tail where it hung down her back between her wings. She wore a top and bottom joined together like a monokini, and overtop of the black outfit she wore pieces of ironwood, the sort that was made from trees that grew next to the ocean. Teyza carried not one but two ‘ring’ axes at her hips, making her a very distinguished warrior amongst all the other soldiers of the fairy kingdom.

That was what first told Jesca how important her first mission was. The fact that it was Teyza they were sending along with her told her one of two things was in effect; it was either very prestigious, requiring the presence of a fairy hero of legend, or it was very dangerous, again requiring only a fairy hero. Either one made Jesca feel very intimidated.

Why are they even sending me? she wondered as she lifted off the ground and started to follow along through the air behind Teyza.

The ground flew by in a wash of green. Teyza was a fast flyer, used to darting between pixie arrows and brownie mud-bullets. Jesca, however, was much more of a slow flyer, never having had to go into war with her skills. She’d presided mostly over the fairy court while learning her professional skills. She’d tended at births and deaths, and had a happy little following of people who truly appreciated coming to her for their various illnesses or accidents. But the pace that Teyza set before them was faster than she was used to, and soon she was flying low to the grass, letting its tickling blades against her belly make her smile at least somewhat. Otherwise, she was feeling quite miserable.

I hope there’s a purpose to me going, she thought to herself as she pouted and fell further and further behind Teyza. I hope there’s some destiny in this, some reason for me being here at all.

Soon, though, that reason became very clear.

Teyza had disappeared around the large curving corner of an ant hill. Now out of sight, Jesca at first didn’t know where to go. She looked to the ants filing in and out of the dirt mound but would have felt awful to bother them with such a silly question. Then, she heard Teyza’s angry voice shouting not far off. Jesca lifted her eyes up, staring with open mouth at the sight above her.

The honey hive was there, up in the trees, and slowly Jesca began to rise, feeling such reluctance to join the tableau she saw before her. Teyza was there, bordered on all sides by army bees, a type of worker bee that was very aggressive and dominant. And Teyza was matching them buzz for angry buzz, spitting at them in their natural language words that had no place in the fairy tongue at all anyway.

“Jesca!” Teyza hissed, gesturing to the bees. “Tell them we’re here to help!”

“Well they’re not going to believe me as long as you are swinging your axes at them,” the medic pouted, moving up to join her partner in the air.

“We need to see the queen! Let us in now!” Teyza continued to demand.

Jesca took a breath and slowly put her hand out, resting it atop Teyza’s weapon-wielding knuckles and gently pushing down until the soldier’s blade began to point somewhere else than at the group of bees hovering in front of them.

“Let me,” Jesca said softly, but Teyza interrupted, trying to lift her axe again.

“They won’t let us in! They’re being stupid!” the warrior fairy snarled, but Jesca shook her head slowly.

“Let me…” she said again, staring at Teyza in the eyes.

People had often said there was something about the gentle demure look in Jesca’s face that made people want to listen. Even the angriest of patients, like the porcupine who had been bitten in the haunches by a leopard had stopped shaking her quills when Jesca appeared on the scene.

Teyza slowly acquiesced, backing up only a slight bit to let Jesca move forward. And with all the ambassadorial mannerism she could muster, Jesca spoke to the soldier bees, telling them who they were and why they were there.

In a matter of moments, the two fairies were being ushered into the queen’s private chamber deep at the heart of the hive. The chamber was empty, but there was a shuffling sound coming from a nearby tunnel. The tiny fairies turned to watch as the much larger bee queen made her way out of the shadows, a picture of majestic insectoid perfection.

The queen’s body was glossy and dark, the small tufts of fur protruding on her thorax mostly black except for a red band around her honey belly. Strangest about her was the fact that another bee, smaller than her, was riding her back. Jesca and Teyza alike stared in wonder at the sight as the bee queen shuffled to the front of the chamber and turned to look at them, as if waiting for them to explain themselves.

“My queen,” Jesca said, curtseying low enough to cause her skirt to ride up slightly.

Teyza bowed much shallower, whispering quietly to Jesca under her breath, “I only call MY queen the queen.”

Jesca gave the other fairy a horrified glance, warning her with a gesture of her fingers to silence such talk. They were in desperate need of the bees’ help and insulting them would be no way to do that. Not even the fairy queen would want that.

The bee queen twitched her antennae side to side, as did the bee on her back. As Jesca watched, the bee that was riding the queen moved its behind up and down slowly, as if encouraging the queen to move. Was it a parasitic bee of some sort? It had longer antennae and bigger eyes in proportion to its body compared to the queen it was riding. Could it have been a deformed juvenile she was somehow fostering or caring for?

“That is a drone…”

The voice that answered the question startled Jesca, til she remembered that the success of this queen in particular was largely due to her relationship to the fairy kingdom, a relationship only possible because the queens of this particular hive had telepathic abilities. They could speak directly into fairy minds, as if they were having normal conversations. Still, Jesca was caught off guard by the queen’s unexpected answer to her unasked question.

“Is he…is he sick?” Jesca asked, stepping slowly forward. “I am a Medic, my queen. I am here to help in any way I can-“

“We are mating,” the queen said abruptly.

Behind her, Teyza was coughing into her fist and looking away, trying to hide a laugh at the expression on Jesca’s face. With wide eyes, Jesca slowly stepped back into her previous position.

“Oh. Oh I see. I’m so sorry. Should we come back another time?”

“No. He is sealing his genital plug into my body and will be with me for three days. One moment please.”

As Teyza and Jesca watched, the littler bee slid down the back of the queen’s larger thorax and began to pump and piston his pointed tip into the queen’s body. Then, as the two fairies watched in a mix of disgust and fascination, they witnessed the male implanting a type of cement into the queen’s genital opening. Some of the liquid dripped onto the chamber floor, landing in globs at the queen’s feet which she avoided gingerly.

“There,” the queen whispered. “Now he will stay attached to my back to make sure his plug is not dislodged by another suitor. This ensures his sperm alone fertilizes my waiting ovum.”

“Oh. Yes, of course, my queen. Again we apologize for-“

“Do not apologize. Your help is sorely needed at this time.”

The queen’s voice was accompanied by a buzz but it was still easy to read her tones in her telepathic words. She was obviously very concerned with whatever situation was occurring at the hive, and was glad the fairies had come.

“We are at war with the wasp colony above us. They have threatened to kill us if we do not give them our honey. That is why we have not given your kingdom any honey in the past few weeks.”

Both Jesca and Teyza were taken aback. Wasps were known to be vicious. How had these creatures come to make a whole colony above the queen’s hive, without the fairies being aware of it? If the fairies had known, they would have stopped the colonizing at once, keeping the bees safe and warding the wasps off to find some other home!

“You did not know because the wasps are smart. They built within the patrol routes of our drones.”

“But why did that hide them?” Teyza asked, stepping forward and looking curiously at the queen-drone combo before her.

“The drones fly looking for females. Our colony is growing. Many new queens will be born soon. The drones are patrolling and they leave scent markers for the virgin queens to follow. The wasps built within this patrol area. You could not sense them above us because of our strong pheromones.”

Teyza nodded and stepped back, then looked at Jesca and shrugged. She would have to leave it up to the ambassador to negotiate a proper solution to all this trouble. Jesca chewed her lip, thinking how best to offer help to the queen.

“We are strong,” the queen said inside her head, interrupting the Medic’s thoughts. “We know how to fight, and we are good warriors. We do not need your soldiers or your weapons. We need more fighters. Bee fighters.”

“But how do we help, my queen? We can’t magickally create more bee warriors for you. What would you have us do?”

“Incubate for us.”

It was common knowledge that drones were not as pointless as people thought. While they did little to add to the reserves of the hive itself, male bees would sometimes stick around and incubate the smaller bee larvae, keeping them warm with their bodies at night. But how did the bee queen think the fairies could do this? Fairy bodies were much smaller than the big heat-producing bee bodies. What could the little people do?

“Not the same type of incubation. Bear our young.”

“What!” Jesca said, stepping back with a look of chagrin on her face.

“We can’t do that!” Teyza added, lifting her axe.

Nearby soldier bees filtered into the chamber quickly, buzzing angrily and warningly at Teyza’s uplifted ring axes. The fairy warrior shifted her weapons around, unsure which direction the attack would come from first, but ready to handle it no matter where it came from.

Jesca chewed her lip again, then slowly looked up at the queen. The giant monarch looked back at her with multi faceted black eyes, and for a moment it felt as if Jesca could feel the pleading expression the queen would have worn had she had a humanoid face. Sighing, the Medic fairy shook her head and put her hand atop Teyza’s, as she had before, guiding the warrior to lower her blades.

“We’ll do it.”

“No! I’m not doing anything of the sort!” the warrior fairy said with a growl.

“Then I’ll do it myself.”

With her chin lifted, Jesca looked Teyza in the eye. The warrior fairy for once looked surprised beyond words, no longer looking with disdain or dislike upon the weaker and smaller Medic fairy. Instead, she looked worried for her, but also slightly impressed.

“But you don’t know how they will do it. What it will be like.”

“It will not be dangerous. It will not harm her,” the queen said in both their minds.

“I can do this,” Jesca said, offering a small nervous smile. “You go home and…and tell our queen what is going on. Maybe she can…help somehow…”

Teyza pursed her lips and looked to the queen, glaring. “How long will this take? How long does she have to stay here?”

“With fairy incubators, we will have more soldiers within weeks. We will win the war.”

“But how long will it take for your ranks to be filled again? How many fairies would that take?”

For a moment the queen was silent as if calculating. Then she buzzed at them telepathically again.

“For the hive to give the amount of honey given before the war, we will require five fairies of high quality and breeding to incubate for us.”

“That’s…the same number of daughters the fairy queen has,” Jesca said outloud.

Teyza glared at her and smacked her in the arm with her fist. Obviously she was giving away important information. Pouting, Jesca rubbed her arm and looked at the queen sorrowfully.

“Yes. We will take five fairy princesses, and only five fairy princesses in order to renew the flow of honey to the fairy kingdom.”

Teyza smacked an axe-wielding fist against her forehead, then growled low at Jesca, “I’m going to tell her that you suggested that. She’s going to be angry with you, not I,” meaning the fairy queen.

“She’ll do what is right to save our people and the bees,” Jesca said, praying what she said was true.

“Fine. You stay here and get knocked up. I’m leaving. Pray I’m back in time to rescue you from this sordid mess.”

“I won’t need rescuing by the likes of you. I’m quite capable of handling a political situation all on my own!”

But Teyza was snickering as she flew off. At the chamber door, she paused and nodded at the queen bee and her drone.

“Enjoy your prize while you can. She’s a virgin, this one. Never even had a fairy male, never mind…what ever she will have here…”

With that, Teyza was gone and Jesca was alone.

The queen bee shuffled forward slowly, freezing Jesca in place.

“H-how do we…how do I…” she asked nervously.

“I will put eggs within your body.”

“But what about the drone on your back? And the seal he…he made?”

“I have another way to give you eggs. A special way. Then other drones will come and fertilize them.”

Groaning, Jesca rubbed one arm with the other, looking around as if for an escape. What had she agreed to? Could she do this after all?

“You will need to be unclothed.”

Jesca nodded and slowly started to turn around, hoping to maintain some sense of modesty around the queen. But when she looked towards the back of the chamber, she could see bees – no doubt drones – waiting in the shadows. They were rubbing their antennae together and looked far too eager for the upcoming task. Mewling, Jesca turned back around as she slowly undid her white uniform.

The material slid down her body. She swallowed hard as she pulled the white dress open and let it drop to the chamber floor. Beneath she wore white underwear, and without needing to be told by the queen, she started to take it off. She unfastened her bra and let her round breasts come free, then pushed her panties down to her ankles and kicked them away. Standing nude in the chamber, she could practically feel the anticipation of the entire hive as she waited for the queen to approach.

“I give my word that I will be as gentle and delicate as you deserve.”

“What…what do you mean?”

The queen reared up on her front legs slightly, back set of legs bent to lower her thorax. Jesca watched with wide scared eyes as a slender appendage began to appear beneath the queen’s underbelly. It was shaped of the same slick black carapace material that the rest of the queen’s body was made of.

Then, to Jesca’s shock and dismay, the appendage doubled in thickness, its girth as thick as Jesca’s arm, if not thicker. Being a virgin, Jesca had never even seen a male fairy’s penis. Surely the thing in front of her was bigger, and horrifyingly shaped, with a large flared head that shone like black oil in the low glow of the hive’s honeycombed walls.

“This is not a penis,” the queen informed Jesca as she reached out with her front sets of legs and gripped the girl trembling before her.

“What…what is it?”

“This is an ovipositor. Only some queens have them. I am the only living bee queen to have one. And it is all for you.”

“Oh,” Jesca said, gulping as she let the queen lift her up at first, then lay her down on the chamber floor beneath her big body. “Okay.”

“I must break your hymen,” the queen buzzed in Jesca’s mind, and the fairy girl nodded.

She could feel the smooth hairless head of the ovipositor brushing against her hairless cunt lips. She’d always imagined that one day she would marry a doctor, and they would roam the countryside until they found a perfect colony of mushrooms to make their home. He would open a clinic and she would be his nurse, until she started a family with him. Then they would have babies all the time and she would always be busy laughing and playing and caring for their children.

Jesca had never imagined this, nothing like this. She shuddered at first upon feeling the glistening head of the phallus-like ovipositor brushing on her cunny. It was like the questing proboscis of a butterfly, teasing into the sweet parts of a flower’s bloom – until it found the nectar. Once the flared head found how to part Jesca’s puffy aroused labia, it dove into her body and broke her maidenhead with one solid thrust.

She screeched. She couldn’t help it. One moment she was a virgin fairy Medic with dreams of true love and romance, and the next she was broken inside, her cunt wrapped forcibly around the ovipositor of a bee queen. Another female!

Jesca wondered in a flurry of thoughts if this made her a lesbian. But then the bee queen began to thrust her tool in and out of Jesca’s body, and nothing about what was happening to the young fairy felt like female love. Female love was delicate and gentle and tender, wasn’t it? This…this was aggressive and masculine and forceful. Strong. Powerful.

Jesca felt her face heating up. She could feel herself being fucked deeply by the queen. Would this be what sex with a fairy would be like? Would they be this enormous? But then the ovipositor began to swell, and Jesca realized ‘something’ was caught up in the queen’s ‘shaft’.

It was an egg. She felt the queen holding onto her tighter than before. She could feel the edges of the legs of the drone atop the queen’s back, and realized how close to her body the queen was holding her. Jesca mewled softly and brought her arms in between her breasts, but it did nothing to give her space.

Holding her firmly, the queen began to hump and fuck into the tight little virgin fairy body as hard as she could. She shuffled around on the ground slightly as she thrust into Jesca’s body, and the swelling grew and slid further down the ovipositor, until the egg was inside Jesca’s vaginal canal.

Then, the queen pushed harder than she had even before. She pushed and pushed her ovipositor against the egg, until Jesca realized what was happening.

“No!” she cried in objection. “You can’t! You mustn’t go in there!”

But the queen was the one in control. She was bigger, she was stronger, and Jesca was but an incubator for her young. The queen held Jesca’s wriggling and objecting form as her ovipositor pushed the ovum beyond Jesca’s cervix and directly into her womb.

The young fairy panted and cried out in surprised pleasure. A sudden orgasm shattered all thoughts of objecting that she had been screaming, and now she was loudly crying out for more. She wanted more! Never had she felt so full as this, so very full and whole and complete. She bucked her hips and found herself fucking against the queen’s ovipositor. And in her mind, the queen buzzed a sound of pleasure and delight.

Another egg came down. Then another. And then another. Soon, Jesca knew, her womb was stuffed with them. She could tell because there was swelling in her abdomen that now pressed against the underside of the queen’s honey belly. Jesca was filled to the brim with bee eggs!

The queen popped her ovipositor out of Jesca’s stuffed little cunt, and slowly lowered the fairy down to the ground. Jesca hugged herself and rolled onto her side, closing her eyes as she felt with her hands over the lumps in her body. They weren’t moving, they were very still. Was that normal, she wondered.

She was only given a few moments to rest though. For soon, she could hear the padding of light bug legs as the drones on the edges of the chamber were welcomed into the room itself.

“They are ready for you. Now you must ready yourself for them.”

Groaning, Jesca rolled onto her stomach. She looked around at the many bees gathered about her in a circle. Each of them was a drone, and instead of stingers, they had genital capsules. None of them were as big as the queen’s ovipositor, but they were still bigger than anything Jesca had ever put inside herself before.

“Ohh!” she moaned softly. “Oh no…!”

Hanging her head, she stayed on all fours as the first of the drones approached. He gripped her around the shoulders and waist with his many legs, then curved his body and began to thrust his genital capsule in and out of her aching cunt. Jesca felt every bit of him as he did his best to deposit his sperm deep enough inside her to coat all of the eggs. Once he was done, the capsule broke and spewed up into her filled womb, no doubt sloshing around amongst the eggs there and fertilizing them.

“Ohhhh gods!” Jesca cried as the breaking of the capsule triggered a G-spot orgasm within her.

Her womb contracted and much of the sperm fell out of her. It couldn’t be helped, she was so very tight. But that was why other drones were present, ready to make up for what Jesca accidentally lost. They were in a line now, and they began to fuck her in earnest. When one was done, another drone would immediately take his place. Soon, Jesca lost count of how many times she had been fucked by the drones. Surely enough to fertilize all the eggs. But they kept coming and coming. It was as if every drone in the area had been called in to taste this sweet prize, and to assist in the queen in her task.

Jesca pleasured a long line of drones, to the point that her knees and hands were soon deep in puddles of lost bee cum. Her body ached but she stayed where she was, waiting til the lineup was done. It was the least she could do, she felt, to honour the needs of her people.

When the drones finally stopped coming, and cumming, the queen signaled two worker bees to drag Jesca off to a special room. All around her were the honeycombed chambers of unborn larvae. In each single chamber was a tiny bee baby, wriggling like a little white maggot and waiting to be fed special nectar to help them grow.

Inside Jesca’s body, she could feel the eggs that had been fertilized so thoroughly. They were wriggling inside her, and every moment that passed, they got stronger.

At first she had worried it would feel like she had been infested. Bees were known to carry mites, and Jesca thought maybe that’s what it would feel like to her, to carry the queen’s unborn children. Would it not feel like she were infested with mites inside her belly?

But the growing larvae didn’t feel that way at all. She could almost sense their thoughts, feel their growing awareness. The more they grew, the more comfortable she felt, despite how much her belly swelled.

She wasn’t allowed to put her clothing on and truly she didn’t want to. Her pussy constantly leaked a sweet mucous, no doubt lubrication for when the bee larvae would be born. She also felt more than warm enough inside the hive. She was cared for and tended, all her needs met, and she was fed the best quality nectar and honey a fairy could ask for. Life was good.

Then, after she didn’t know how many days had passed, Jesca felt her body starting to contract around its heavy load. She whined softly and worker bees carried her back to the queen’s chamber.

The queen did not have the drone atop her anymore. She was solo now, and Jesca knew by the size of her thorax that she was no longer carrying eggs either. She rubbed her feet together and cleaned her antennae, as if anticipating what was happening in Jesca’s body.

“It…it feels so strange,” the fairy girl murmured as she lay on her back in the queen’s arms, in birthing position.

“You like it,” the queen said with a voice that buzzed joy and happiness.

“I…I’m afraid I do!”

Jesca was surprised at herself. She had rather enjoyed taking all the drones inside her, even the queen’s ovipositor had given her such bliss. But now that the process was reversing, now that the eggs were going to be coming out, she felt even better than before.

The first of the wiggling larvae dropped down into her vaginal canal, after having pushed its own way through her tight cervix. She felt every bit of the little baby bug as it slipped out of her cunt, and then, when it plopped on the chamber floor, Jesca shrieked in aroused delight.

“Ohhh! Oh my gods, yes!”

Another larvae started to follow the first, and again Jesca squealed in pleasure. She could feel herself having a multitude of tiny orgasms. The babies started to come faster and faster now, and she writhed and bucked her hips as each one dropped out of her body.

It was so unnatural to her, a mother having an orgasm like this while giving birth. But these weren’t her babies, and she was no ordinary mother. She groaned and squeezed her own body, contracting her uterus almost at will. More larvae issued forth from her stretched little pussy, and she felt her whole body shaking all over in the queen’s embrace.

“One last push,” the queen commanded in Jesca’s mind.

Helping her, the queen bent Jesca in half, and smoothed her strong black legs down Jesca’s body from under her ribs down to her hips. Jesca winced as the last of her parasitic offspring came out in a gush, and then, she felt so very empty. So very void and empty.

Worker bees came and took the babies away immediately. Then, the queen bee held Jesca almost tenderly and cleaned her. She used two legs to pry open the fairy girl’s quaking thighs and then drew the girl’s cunny to her lips, using bee mandibles and tongue to lap Jesca clean. Jesca shivered and spread herself wider with her hands, feeling the rising of an orgasm welling up through her empty womb.

“Mmmm! Mmm yes!” she mewled as the queen continued.

When Jesca came, the last of the mucous and left over drone jizz came out of her body, along with her own sweet honeyed juices. The queen again continued to lap it up, and it was to this scene that Teyza and the fairy princesses arrived and were ushered in to the chamber.

Jesca was red-faced as she stood on shaky legs and let the workers dress her once more. Her hair was disheveled and she was dirty, and needed a bath terribly. She couldn’t even look Teyza in the eyes as she slunk away from the princesses, who were far better than she at negotiating.

At home, Jesca groaned as she read a letter left for her on her door about how she would need to take a break from her work to clean herself up and ‘recover’. When she went into her fungus house, she threw herself on the bed morosely, wondering what she was supposed to do now. Was she in trouble? Did the fairy people now hate her? And would Teyza and the fairy princesses tell people they had witnessed the young Medic cumming at the hands and mouth of the queen herself?

“How embarrassing,” she whined into her pillow.

“Not really.”

There was a buzzing voice in her head. Jesca whipped herself around and looked at her doorway. Slowly pulling himself through the entry was the bee drone, the very bee drone that had been riding the queen’s back. He looked differently from the other drones Jesca had ‘had’ during her ‘stay’. He was bigger, and already he was displaying to her the curve of his body and his ready genital capsule, something longer and harder than the sperm-filled capsules the other drones had driven into Jesca so many times, over and over.

She was thinking of before. She was thinking of now. Her mind was reeling with horribly delicious thoughts.

“Why…why are you here…” she whispered as the bee drone closed the door behind him, sealing himself into the house with Jesca.

“To be with you. My queen commanded it.”


“Because my queen knows how you felt. She appreciated what you did for her. For us. This is your reward.”

“What…? What type of reward is this?”

The bee male slowly pinned Jesca against the rounded wall of her house. Then he lifted her and moved her to lay back on the bed, rubbing his genital capsule side to side across her panty-covered cunt lips. Jesca mewled like a hungry little attention-greedy kitten.

“I will be yours. I will be your guard. I will be your mount, to fly you when your wings are tired. And I will be your pet, something no fairy has ever had, a bee companion like this.”

“And…?” Jesca whined, pushing her panties down her legs.

The bee drone drove his prick-like capsule into Jesca’s waiting little bee-cock hungry cunt. He impaled himself deeply in her body, holding her as closely as the queen had.

“I will be your lover,” he buzzed in her mind. “Forever.”

All thought left Jesca’s mind as she gave in to the genuine lust and adoration of the drone and the ‘cock’ he was fucking her with, and that he would use to fuck her from this moment on. She gave up the dream of marriage and family and career, and no longer cared what anyone else thought. Because with the bee fucking inside her with whatever it was he was using, she felt whole and complete at last!